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Wiffen Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2





by Terry W Parrish



Four strangers battle against overwhelming odds to find an answer to a question that has been tearing away at their hearts. Each one’s personal struggle becomes entwined when they are drawn into a life or death encounter with a creature released from its stone tomb. A teenage girl, who wrestles with the guilt of her missing father, mysteriously vanishes on Halloween night, and the Zuni medicine man that believes the local mountains to be cursed with an evil spirit or Manitou. His beliefs are cemented by the unanswered disappearance of humans and animals over the years. A soldier on leave from Afghanistan searching for a gold mine, which he vows to unearth in the mountains above a small, rural town called Oreville. His quest fueled by a promise to his dying grandfather who, since he was a child, told him a story of losing his valuable discovery years before. Finally, the town’s crazed, old homeless woman that recites a poem about a flying beast she calls…the WIFFEN. Yet no one believes her, and the people of Oreville remain ignorant to the winged demon that hides beneath the shadows of the night.




















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Terry W Parrish


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